Best GPU Drivers For Suyu Android Download

Since the launch of the Yuzu emulator for Android, gamers have been exploring ways to maximize their gaming experience, including installing alternate GPU drivers to boost performance and accuracy. However, with Yuzu emulator shutting down due to legal issues with Nintendo, users are now turning their attention to Suyu Android, the successor to Yuzu. Like its predecessor, Suyu Android also offers the option to install alternate GPU drivers, so the search for the best GPU drivers continues among the emulation community.

When people search for these GPU drivers for emulators like Suyu, Yuzu, Skyline, Vita3k, and any others that offer the option for alternate GPU driver installation, they often find hundreds of options, causing significant confusion and making it hard to find what they really need.

In this guide, I’ll help you in finding the best GPU drivers for you. I’ll provide download links and keep things straightforward, ensuring you don’t feel confused or overwhelmed. These drivers are compatible with all Android emulators that support this feature, including Suyu, Yuzu, Skyline, Vita3k, and others.

Best GPU Drivers for Suyu, Yuzu, Skyline, Vita3k, and others.

Alright, let’s simplify it. The best drivers for emulation are the Mesa Turnip drivers (Thanks to K11MCH1 for these drivers), Most of the time, the latest version of the Mesa Turnip driver will be the best option for you. If it doesn’t work, try the previous version, and if that doesn’t work, try the one before that. It’s that easy.

So, I’ll provide you with the latest v24 Mesa Turnip drivers, along with 7 older versions. As of now, the latest revision Mesa Turnip driver v24.1.0 – Revision 17 will likely work the best for you. However, if you encounter any issues, you can try its previous revision, Revision 16, or its previous Revision 15. You can also experiment with all these 8 revisions if you want, but usually, the latest one should work fine for you and you should stick to it if you aren’t facing any issues.

Below are the download links for all 8 revisions. You can click directly on them to download. Additionally, I’ll continue adding the latest updates as they become available. So, you can always revisit this page for the newest Mesa Turnip driver.

How to Install GPU Drivers for Suyu Emulator

Installing GPU drivers in the Suyu Emulator is simple, similar to Yuzu. If you’re new to this process or want to ensure correctness, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download your preferred GPU driver from the provided links.

Step 2: Open Suyu on your Android device and open Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top left corner.

Step 3: Under Settings, select the “GPU Driver Manager” option.

Step 4: Here, you’ll find an “Install” button; click on it.

Step 5: Select the GPU driver file you downloaded.

Step 6: That’s it! The new GPU driver is now installed.

What Can GPU Drivers Improve in Emulators?

GPU drivers play a crucial role in enhancing the performance of emulators by optimizing graphics rendering, reducing latency, and ensuring compatibility with the emulator software. Here are some ways proper GPU drivers can improve emulation:

  • Graphics Rendering: Proper GPU drivers often include optimizations for graphics rendering, resulting in smoother and more accurate emulation of console or device graphics.
  • Shader Compilation: Emulators often utilize shaders to emulate various visual effects and graphics enhancements. Improved GPU drivers can enhance the efficiency of shader compilation, leading to faster and more accurate rendering of graphics effects.
  • Compatibility: Proper GPU drivers may include fixes for compatibility issues with specific emulators or games. Ensuring that your GPU drivers are up-to-date can help prevent graphical glitches, crashes, or other compatibility issues.
  • Performance: Optimized GPU drivers can provide performance improvements, such as higher frame rates and smoother gameplay, particularly in demanding emulation scenarios or when using graphical enhancements like higher resolutions or anti-aliasing.
  • Input Latency Reduction: GPU drivers can also play a role in reducing input latency, improving the responsiveness of controls in emulation. Lower input latency can result in a more seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Bug Fixes and Stability: Proper GPU drivers often include bug fixes and stability improvements, which can help prevent crashes or other issues that may occur during emulation.

In summary, keeping your GPU drivers proper and up-to-date can significantly improve the performance, compatibility, and overall experience of emulators by optimizing graphics rendering, reducing latency, and ensuring stability.


  1. Hey team! its awesoome you work and im proud of you!
    now i need info about how Works suyu in POCO X6 PRO 12gb ram with MAli
    my device is powerfull im sure can run pokemon Scarlet bot, the game crash before starts, do i need download somethink? what you guys can help with that?
    thanks and best regards

    1. Suyu doesn’t support Mali devices, I think. Only Adreno.

  2. vi em um site, que estão desenvolvendo um drive de gpu mali, mas suyu não tem a opção para instlar drive da gpu mali no momento

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